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The idea of a Sling 4-seater emerged from Sling Aircraft founders’ Mike Blyth and James Pitman’s 2009 Around-The-World (ATW) Sling flight. Although designed as a 600 kg Light Sport Aircraft, it was soon clear that even with a normally aspirated 100 hp motor, it performed well up to 970 kg. Thus the Sling 2, after passing the required standards, was certified as a 700 kg MAUW.

Work also began on the development of a 4-seat version. The chief differences between the Sling 2 and the Sling 4 are wing size, engine and the centre fuselage arrangements. Where the standard Sling customarily uses a 100 hp Rotax 912 ULS or iS engine, the Sling 4 is fitted with the 115 hp turbocharged Rotax 914 UL engine, while the Sling TSi is powered by a 142 hp Rotax 915 iS Turbo Injected Sports.

The turbocharged engine gives full power at up to 15,000 feet, at which altitude the 100 hp would only be delivering approximately 55 hp. So, on a hot day the difference in power between the 912 ULS and 914 UL engine is in the vicinity of 36%, not just 15%.


The Sling 4 was built to be the most practical and desirable lightweight, four-place experimental aircraft on the market, a niche not previously filled. It’s slightly longer than the Sling LSA, but with a more powerful engine (Rotax 914 UL) and gullwing doors instead of a sliding canopy. It flies much like the Sling LSA, perfectly-coordinated with highly responsive – but not overly-sensitive – controls.

It’s the perfect getaway aircraft for four with ample luggage space.

“A four-place cruiser that carries four adults, several hours’ worth of fuel and a respectable luggage load, and consumes less than 6 gph, the Sling 4 does so in leather-wrapped comfort. It has a wider cabin than a Bonanza, looks sexy on the ramp, and its turbocharged Rotax whisks it along at a decent 125 knots — all for a fraction of the price of a comparable new Part 23 airplane.”
Marc C. Lee (Plane and Pilot Magazine)



Design the exterior of your Sling Aircraft to your liking

You can turn your Sling into your personalised dream aircraft using our numerous standard or complex paint scheme and vinyl design options. In addition, Sling Aircraft uses LEDs for all exterior lighting. Not only do these use less energy and generate less heat, they are exceptionally bright and allow for sharply defined beams.  Effortlessly elegant, superbly appointed and finished with a forensic eye.


A truly first-class travel experience

The Sling 4’s sublime and beautifully appointed interior features executive four seat comfort. Enveloped in authentic leather and lavish carpeting, the Sling 4 stands out with an elegance that adds a touch of class to aircraft interiors. Available in five color palettes: Cast Iron, Red Velvet, Indigo Sky, Namib Dune and Cloud Burst with stitching, piping and panelling in complementary colors.


Your Sling 4 is powered by a 115 hp turbo charged Rotax 914 UL.

This engine offers more performance at high altitudes while delivering lower weight engines.

Your Sling 4 is fitted with an Airmaster 3 Blade Constant Speed propeller. These variable-pitch propellers automatically change its blade pitch in order to maintain a chosen rotational speed. This operation perfectly suits modern engines, particularly the turbo charged variety.


Excellent instrumentation options make for a unique and state-of-the-art flying experience, at a fraction of the cost of our certified competitors.

Full integrated EFIS with autopilot, radio and transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B is available with live weather and traffic alerts in the cockpit.