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Sling Aircraft have a full range of 2 and 4 seat aircraft catering to a wide range of Aircraft enthusiasts. All Sling Aircraft have excellent flight characteristics, which are perfectly coordinated and highly responsive controls without being overly sensitive. Performance across the range are close to best in their respective classes and have a reputation for being excellent tourers and cross country performers.

With an all aluminium construction the Sling range of aircraft have proven strength and lifespan. Many training schools use the Sling 2 and have enjoyed years of effective and efficient service, while private owners have enjoyed the flexibility and luggage capacity of the Sling 4 and Sling TSi in their private operations.

Sling Aircraft are renowned for their wide cockpit and excellent all round visibility. All aircraft in the range have the option of incorporating Ballistic Parachutes to further enhance the safety of the Sling Platform.


An amazing tourer

Designed to be a perfectly balanced aircraft, the Sling 2 is a sexy looker that would out-perform other aircraft in its class while being highly economical and fun to fly.

Being a stressed-skin, semi-monocoque aircraft, the Sling 2 is made to precise standards from aviation grade aluminium, punched using CNC machines. Rugged aluminium lines, combined with cutting-edge tech advances, ensure that the Sling looks the way an aircraft should and flies even better. MORE INFO

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The Perfect getaway Aircraft

The Sling 4 was built to be the most practical and desirable lightweight, four-place experimental aircraft on the market, a niche not previously filled. It’s slightly longer than the Sling LSA, but with a more powerful engine (Rotax 914 UL) and gullwing doors instead of a sliding canopy. It flies much like the Sling LSA, perfectly-coordinated with highly responsive – but not overly-sensitive – controls.

It’s the perfect getaway aircraft for four with ample luggage space. MORE INFO


Effortless handling and functionality

Like its predecessors, the Sling TSi has been critically acclaimed for its capabilities, effortless handling and all-round functionality. As one review wrote, “Sometimes just the right combination of factors come together to create a really great airplane.” (Alton K Marsh, AOPA). Those factors are: a generously proportioned 4-seater that handles like a fighter jet, controls that are a natural extension of the mind and a superbly balanced buy that will stoke your love of flying. MORE INFO


A New standard for Sling Aircraft.

Featuring all the great Sling handling characteristics combined with the inherent stability of the classic high wing design. Added to this, all the latest modern-day design safety features, including ballistic parachute recovery system, low workload Garmin glass cockpit, efficient and powerful 141 hp Rotax 915 iS turbocharged powerplant and Airmaster Constant Speed Propeller. MORE INFO